Legenderry Promotions supply promotional staff for conferences, product launches and events in Londonderry.


  1. Q. Is Legenderry Promotions an agency?
    A. Yes. Legenderry Models & Promotions Ltd is a registered employment agency.
  2. Q. How old must I be to join Legenderry Promotions?
    A. As a lot of our work is on licenced premises, you will need to be 18yrs or older to join.
  3. Q. Do I have to pay to join Legenderry Promotions?
    A. No, never. A professional agency should never charge a joining fee.
  4. Q. Does it cost me anything to have my photos on your website?
    A. No. If we see some potential in you for modelling or promotions, we will have you photographed and put you on our website at our own expense.
  5. Q. Do I need a portfolio?
    A. Of course you need a portfolio. This is how clients decide which model they want to book.
  6. Q. What does a portfolio cost?
    A. We do not charge for portfolio photography. If we see some potential in you as a model, we will have you professionally photographed at our own expense.
  7. Q. How do I apply to your agency?
    A. The most important thing at this stage is not to spend any money having pictures done. We can tell if you have the potential from shots taken on your phone by a friend. They do not have to be professional pictures. Please also make sure the pictures are as natural as you can. Very little make-up, not over styled and definitely no filters. When you send us your images please include your location, measurements, height, bust, waist, hips etc and any experience that you may have.
  8. Q. Does Legenderry Promotions guarantee work?
    A. No agency guarantees to give you work. But remember we only make money if you are making money, so we won’t take you on unless we stand a reasonable chance of getting you paid work.

"Legenderry's team are great to work with, their promotion staff fit in well with our regular bar staff, so every event runs smoothly" Julie Conway - Poolworks, Derry

"The models were great, our fashion show ran so well I hardly had anything to do" Michael Molloy, Irish Knitwear Designer

"The catwalk models did a fabulous job; so professional" Richard Copeland - Foyleside, Derry